Pop Quiz: A Funny Money History of Vice Presidential Candidates

Joe Biden Paul Romney
Joe Biden Paul Romney

When it comes to election season, all eyes usually focus on the top of the ticket. But while the presidential candidates are seen as the main event, they are often not as interesting as their running mates. With less of a need to cater to the center, vice presidential candidates can have more fun, be a bit more outrageous, occasionally make some waves financially.

With the vice presidential debate coming up on Oct. 11, it's a great time to look at financial foibles of the men and women who fought so hard for the chance to be be a heartbeat away from the most powerful position in the land. If you're interested in the bottom of the ticket -- or just want to relive some of the more exciting political moments of the past 60 years, here's a quiz to help you remember some of the more interesting people to run for office in America.


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