Hidden Chronicles FarmerVille Mystery Part 1: Everything you need to know

If you've already repaired the bridge at the far left side of your Estate in Hidden Chronicles, you're likely wondering when you can start expanding into the new land that you can now technically reach by car or foot. Well, that time is now, as the release of a Farmerville event (not related to FarmVille) has launched, giving you a chance to explore an old abandoned farming town that just so happens to rest on the other side of the river.

There are multiple parts to this mystery, with only two quests being available in part one. You can also expand into two new plots of land, and we're here with a look at how to do just that, as discovered by the folks at HCH Blog.

The Farmerville Mystery Part 1: 1 of 2

  • Play 3 Scenes

  • Store Weeds in the Gardening Shed

  • Ask for 3 Fountain Pen Inks

The Fountain Pen Inks are earned by sending out individual requests for your neighbors to help you out. You'll receive 340 coins and 60 XP for completing this first quest.

The Farmerville Mystery Part 1: 2 of 2

  • Find 60 Items in Fast Find Scenes

  • Have 2,500 coins

  • Get 5 Newspapers

The Newspapers are earned by posting a general request on your wall for help. When you complete this second quest, you'll receive 340 coins, 60 XP and a Guardian Seal.

As for the two land expansions, they are the ones with the School Bus and Duck Pond, and they can be accessed by collecting a combination of Guardian Seals, Clues and coins. You'll need five Guardian Seals, nine Clues and 5,500 coins for one, while the other requires seven Guardian Seals, 11 Clues and 6,800 coins. Even if you have yet to complete the reconstruction of the bridge, at least knowing that these two land expansions are waiting for you should give you the incentive to carry on. Good luck finishing these quests and purchasing these new land expansions!

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What do you think of this set of new land expansions and quests to complete? Have you already repaired your bridge, or are you still working on those requirements as well? Sound off in the comments!