FarmVille Dream Haunted House: Everything you need to know


If you were a fan of the "Dream Horse" feature in FarmVille, that allows players to design and purchase a horse of their own design, then you'll likely also be a fan of the new Haunted Hollow Dream Haunted House option. All players will be given a Haunted House workshop to place on their farms, and from there, they can take a base of a haunted house and customize it however they'd like.

Unlike the Dream Horse feature, this Haunted House designer doesn't charge Farm Cash for each change you make; instead, you're allowed to choose the items you want from just a few options, and can then ask your friends for the parts necessary to add them to the base home.

As an example, everyone will start with a "Spooky Home" and from there can choose to add either Potion Bottles or Cauldrons to the front (among other options). If you wish to have Potion Bottles, you'll need to collect nine Darkwood, eight Slime, four Cobwebs and eight Decorators. However, if you choose Cauldrons, your requirements differ. There, you'll need 13 Darkwoods, 11 Slimes and eight Decorators. Each visual addition to the home increases the amount of building materials you'll need to collect. Regardless of your choices, the building materials are earned by asking your friends to send them to you, or by purchasing them with Farm Cash.

After you've completed the first Haunted House, you'll eventually be able to move onto two others with different design options: a Pumpkin House and a true Haunted House. Just make sure to keep checking on your building material supplies so that you can add each stage onto the house before Halloween comes and goes. Good luck finishing everything off!

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