FarmVille Double Coin and Coconut Statues: Everything you need to know

If you've already purchased a Double ZP or Double Jade Statue in FarmVille to increase your productivity in Jade Falls, you might also be interested in purchasing the newly released Double Coconut and Double Coin Statues. These Statues can be found by simply searching for the word "Statue" within the game's store, as they can be a bit hard to find otherwise.

These Double Coconut and Double Coin Statues cost 200 and 300 Farm Cash each, respectively. For those (massive) prices, you'll receive the ability to earn either double the amount of coconuts or double the amount of coins on everything you do either in Hawaiian Paradise or elsewhere. Obviously, if you are looking to expand your Hawaiian Paradise farm, this statue would allow you to do so twice as fast, while the Double Coin Statue, if placed on your Home Farm, could allow you to make massive amounts of profit from any sort of animal or tree collections you might also have on that farm.

Unfortunately, these statues are pretty expensive, with a Double Coconut Statue costing around $34 US and a Double Coin Statue being the equivalent of around $50. Are these statues worth it? That's definitely up for debate. If you're a fan of the many limited edition animals that are released for millions of coins each month, then I suppose the Double Coin Statue might be worth the price in the long haul, but I'd definitely suggest waiting to see if these statues ever go on sale before making such a huge investment. You can be sure that we'll let you know if and when a sale like that ever arrives. Stay tuned!

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What do you think of these Double Coin and Coconut Statues in FarmVille? Will you purchase one or the other for your farms? Let us know in the comments!