Are the Angry Birds headed to a galaxy far, far away?


Hold onto your hats kids (and adults). It looks like the next step in Rovio's Angry Birds saga will see our feathered friends heading into the land of Star Wars, or at least that's what the company's newly created Tumblr would have us believe.

The Angry Birds Tumblr account has but one post as of this writing, with a teaser image of an Angry Bird with a glowing lightsaber. This provides a sneak peek of an apparently major announcement coming on October 8 in Times Square in New York, that also has something to do with Toys R Us. Obviously, there's plenty of room for speculation here, but it doesn't take much to wonder if the next release in the Angry Birds franchise will be branded with Star Wars content, even if it just comes as a content expansion for Angry Birds Space.

I don't know about you, but just the thought of "Angry Birds Star Wars" is enough to have me reaching for my credit card. Whether these Star Wars birds hit iPhone, Facebook, consoles or just end up coming in the form of plushies and comic books, the fact remains: this could very well be the best Angry Birds cross-promotion we've seen to date. Stay tuned for more as this exciting news develops!

Would you be excited about a Star Wars version of Angry Birds, or do you think there are certain worlds that should never collide? Sound off in the comments!

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