The Ville: Keep gaming, now up to Level 150!

One of the biggest complaints dedicated players tend to express about the Ville is its relatively low level cap of Level 60. It seems that Zynga has finally heard enough of these complaints, and has decided to solve the problem, as the Ville's level up has officially been raised to 150! That's more than double the original level cap, and that's not all those diehard players can expect to find the next time they login to their virtual homes.

If you've been stuck at Level 60 for some time, you don't need to worry about all of your extra XP being lost, as you'll immediately be rocketed up to your appropriate level. That is, if you had been stuck at Level 60 for two weeks, but had enough XP to really be level 75, you'll instantly jump from Level 60 to Level 75 to reflect that (as one example).

What's more, if you've been instantly boosted above Level 60, you'll also be eligible to receive a free Instafull Fridge for your avatar's pad. This fridge raises your energy cap by one point and raises your maximum Happiness Point cap by 50 points. The fridge should be available in your inventory, but if you inventory is full, you might need to remove something and refresh the game to make it appear. If all else fails, remember to contact Zynga's customer support site to set things right.

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Does this increased level cap give you greater incentive to go back and continue playing the game? What level have you reached thus far in the Ville? Sound off in the comments!