The Ville: Prepare to celebrate Halloween with new costumes

Halloween is coming on fast, and the Ville players can already start celebrating via the launch of some new Halloween costumes in the game's avatar customization menu. We're told that these first costumes are part of the game's "countdown" to Halloween, which will likely ramp into full gear in the coming days. For now, here's a look at the Halloween costumes that are up for grabs!

Female Avatars

Zombie Costume - 15 Ville Cash
Witch Costume - 33 Ville Cash

Male Avatars

Zombie Costume - 15 Ville Cash
Werwolf Costume - 33 Ville Cash

Remember, these are only the newest additions to the costume feature, which already offers options like bunnies, monkeys or pirates. It's likely that additional Halloween costumes will be added to the store (or even given away for free via quests) as we get closer to Halloween, so stay tuned for more!

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What sorts of costumes are you hoping are added to the Halloween event in the Ville? Sound off in the comments!