Pioneer Trail Countdown to Halloween: Everything you need to know

Halloween has once again come to your Homestead in Pioneer Trail, and the game's massive yearly event has begun with a countdown full of eight repeatable goals that are now rolling out to players that have reached at least Level 16 in their games. This Countdown to Halloween comes with more than just these goals, however, as you'll be able to enter a new in-game contest, plant new crops and trees inspired by candy corn and ghosts and much more. We're here with a guide to completing these eight Countdown to Halloween goals, straight from Zynga. Let's get started!

Terrifying Treats

  • Have a Cabin

  • Harvest 10 Pear Trees

  • Collect 10 Broccoli Florets

The Broccoli Florets are earned from friends. You'll receive 10 Goodie Bags, two Cream Cows and three Candy Corn for completing this first goal. Candy Corn is a new crop in the game, while the Goodie Bags are an overall "currency" of sorts,
which will hopefully allow you to receive tons of prizes later on.

Phantom Panic

  • Gather 20 Garlic Necklaces

  • Scare Off 4 Ghost Varmints

  • Craft 5 Ghost Repellent Candles

Garlic Necklaces drop at random when tending garlic crops on your Homestead. Meanwhile, the Ghost Varmints can be lured out onto your Homestead by tending Ghost trees or harvesting Candy Corn crops. Finally, Ghost Repellent Candles can be crafted by combining Wax Candles and Ghost Bane Wicks, both of which can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you. You'll receive 60 Goodie Bags, a Black Cat and a Spooky Tree for completing this second goal.

A Maize Maze

  • Gather 15 Round Hay Bales

  • Release 2 Ghost Horses from their Chains

  • Craft 4 Sugar Spiders

The Round Hay Bales are earned at random when tending Adult Cows. As for the Ghost Horses, you'll need to press the "place" button that goes along with this goal. You'll then need to craft Chain Breakers using Perfect Rocks (drop when tending rocks) and Metal Spikes (ask friends). Finally, Sugar Spiders are crafted using Sugar Mixtures and Spider Molds, with both of these items being earned by simply asking your friends to send them to you. You'll receive 70 Goodie Bags, a Vampire Potion and a Ghost Tree for finishing this goal.

Decoratin' with Ted

  • Gather 20 Mini Pumpkins

  • Gather 25 Bags of Candy Corn

  • Craft 4 Ten Gallon Hats

The Mini Pumpkins are earned at random when tending Squash, while Bags of Candy Corn are earned when tending Candy Corn crops. Remember, you can send and receive these Candy Corn crops via the game's free gifts page, so make sure to stock up on as much as you can throughout the length of this event. Finally, crafting the Ten Gallon Hats can be completed by combining Leather Patterns (drop from Cream Cows), Simple Threads (ask friends), and Tend Gallon Crowns (ask friends). You'll receive 93 Goodie Bags, a White Cat and a Werewolf Potion when you complete this goal.

Candied Apple Chaos

  • Harvest 25 Ghost Trees

  • Scare Off 6 Ghost Varmints

  • Craft 5 Ghost Repellent Candles

Rewards: 60 Goodie Bags, Spooky Crate, Smokey Cauldron

Spider Snacks

  • Get 10 Cartons of Eggs

  • Collect 20 Cupcake Mixes

  • Craft 5 Sugar Spiders

Cartons of Eggs are earned by feeding adult chickens, while the Cupcake Mixes can be earned from your friends. You'll earn 90 Goodie Bags, a Siamese Cat and a Halloween Crate for finishing this goal.

Sheriff Bess

  • Tend 15 Non-Rideable Horses

  • Gather 15 Sheriff's Badges

  • Craft 6 Ten Gallon Hats

The Sheriff's Badges can be earned by harvesting Steel Forges. You'll receive 117 Goodie Bags, a Pet Bat and a Spooky Cabinet when you finish this goal.

Cowgirl Mae

  • Gather 15 Costume Spurs

  • Release 2 Ghost Horses from their Chains

  • Craft 5 Cowgirl Outfits

The Costume Spurs are earned when you tend adult, ridable horses. By finishing this goal, you'll earn 120 Goodie Bags, a Hybrid Potion and a Ghostly Candy Apple. This Ghostly Candy Apple is a new character boost that will give your character a ghostly appearance, 2x movement speed and a Fast Hands boost for an hour.

In addition to these repeatable goals, you'll also be able to complete two single-time goals, as seen below.

Finishin' in a Jiffy

  • Complete the Phantom Panic Goal 3 times

  • Complete the Decoratin' with Ted Goal 3 Times

  • Earn 600 Goodie Bags

You'll receive 100 Goodie Bags, a Ballerina Cow and a Wicked Spooky Broom for completing this goal.

Dastardly Disaster

  • Complet the Spider Snacks Goal 3 times

  • Complete the Sheriff Bess Goal 4 Times

  • Earn 1,800 Goodie Bags

Rewards: 200 Goodie Bags, Wicked Cute Broom, Dragon Goose

If you're looking to fill your Homestead will more Halloween themed goodies, you can also send and receive additional Ghost Trees to your friends via the game's free gifts page and can look forward to additional Halloween content that will be released in the game between now and the end of the month. Stay tuned for more!

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What do you think of these repeatable goals in Pioneer Trail? Do you think 1,800 Goodie Bags is an acceptable number to be forced to earn? If not, what number do you think would sound fair? Sound off in the comments!