CityVille Cheats & Tips: Use the Honeymoon Sailboat for thousands of coins and goods


If you're looking for another way to earn additional coins, Goods, XP and more in CityVille, why not try out the Honeymoon Sailboat, which has launched just this week as part of the Dream Wedding event in our towns. This Honeymoon Sailboat can be thought of as another kind of "plane" or "cargo ship," in that it comes with multiple routes to complete, each of which takes different amounts of time and returns with different items.

CityVille Wiki has found a complete list of the different routes, along with their requirements, prizes and mastery rewards, which are listed below. Since this feature is incredibly new, these values could change at some point in the future, but they are accurate as of this writing.

Caribbean Honeymoon

Requires: 5 Peach Bubbly

Returns in: 10 Minutes

Rewards: 1,000 coins, 50 Goods, 10 XP, 2 Peach Bubbly

Peach Bubbly can be earned by collecting from "Honeymoon" buildings, like Honeymoon Homes or Yacht Yards. Most of these cost City Cash, so feel free to purchase duplicate coin items to make up the difference.

The three star mastery award for this Sailboat Route is a Party Palace, which is a business that requires 310 Goods to operate. It generates 1,671 coins each time those Goods are used.

Hawaii Honeymoon

Requires: 15 Peach Bubbly

Returns in: 30 Minutes

Rewards: 15,000 coins, 1,000 Goods, 25 XP, 5 Peach Bubbly

The three star mastery award is a Luau Lounge, a business that requires 330 Goods to operate. It offers 1,759 coins by default as those Goods are spent.

Coral Reef Honeymoon

Requires: 25 Peach Bubbly

Returns in: 1 Hour

Rewards: 4,000 coins, 200 Goods, 17 XP, 5 Peach Bubbly, 5 Amber Bubbly

The three star mastery reward is a Coral Castle, a home that offers 1,000 citizens in population to your town. It can be upgraded through random population drops to eventually offer 1,960 citizens in total.

Bora Bora Honeymoon

Requires: 10 Amber Bubbly

Returns in: 2 Hours

Rewards: 7,000 coins, 250 Goods, 20 XP, 5 Peach Bubbly, 10 Amber Bubbly

The three star reward is the Lazy Lagoon, a community building that allows for 2,300 extra citizens to live in your town.

French Riviera Honeymoon

Requires: 25 Amber Bubbly

Returns in: 8 Hours

Rewards: 15,000 coins, 1,000 Goods, 25 XP, 5 Peach Bubbly, 5 Amber Bubbly

The three star reward is the Yacht Yard, a community building worth 7,500 citizens to your maximum population cap. Collecting from it will give you additional Amber Bubbly, so it's worth keeping this Yacht active in your town at all times so that you can continue to send your Honeymoon Sailboat off in the future.

Whether you're ready to wait 10 minutes or eight hours, these Sailboat Routes offer plenty of rewards and limited edition items that you may not be able to earn anywhere else. In that case, it's worth checking out this feature, even if you only use your Honeymoon Sailboat long enough to earn these three star rewards and nothing else. Good luck mastering each of these routes!

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