War Commander developer fires four after allegations of racism

Kixeye racism
Kixeye racism

The "hardcore" social game developer behind hits like War Commander has seemingly squashed its issues with allegations of racism within the office. VentureBeat reports that four members of the Kixeye staff, including a manager, have been fired after CEO Will Harbin investigated further into allegations of racist conduct made by an African American contractor that is no longer with the company.

"Immediately after I learned of these allegations, I personally interviewed members of the team to figure out what this was about," Harbin recently announced on Twitter. "While it's clear that not everything in the blog post was accurate, I did discover examples of embarrassing behavior that I find inappropriate for KIXEYE, or any other work environment. As a result, I immediately terminated the manager of the team in question and then three other employees who violated company standards as well."

The Kixeye head then went into describing immediate measures that the company has made to prevent such an incident again. Harbin also pointed out that the studio already has a VP of human resources that has implemented a sensitivity training program. What will be most interesting to see going forward is whether Kixeye will continue to push its "brogrammer" message despite this debacle.

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