The Sims Social 'Just a Pizza This' Quest: How to finish it fast

The Sims Social Just Pizza This quest guide
It's time for another round of Italian Holidays Week in The Sims Social. And really, what else would be at the center of an Italian-themed quest chain than the greatest Italian food ever created: pizza? Be ready to get the dough rollin' in this week's series of quests , thanks to a step-by-step guide courtesy of The Sims Social team at Playfish:

Step 1 – Just A Pizza This!
  • Harvest some strawberries (You can use the plots in the Italian Villa.)
  • Uncover the Venutia Dough Counter at the Italian Villa
  • Get one skill star on the Venutia Dough Counter

Mario is feeling mighty thankful that we helped him out with his beloved Antonella, so we're going to help make a special strawberry surprise for her. Hm ... makes us wonder what the strawberries are for, though. Rewards: 20 LP, 30 Coins, 20 XP

Step 2 – Just A Pizza This!
  • Harvest some tomatoes (You can use the plots in the Italian Villa.)
  • 'Clear' fig leaves (Look around the Italian Villa and remember to come back for more.)
  • Have a chat with The Perfect Sim about his favorite family recipes (Build it if you haven't - it's the tall cardboard box in the garden)

Mario is obsessed with pizza and he's talking about where to find them now. Okay, so an ingredient hunt may not sound like tons of fun, but have you seen where these things are hiding? As we look at these ingredients, we're not so sure about eating this pizza. Glad it's going to be Antonella and not us. Rewards: 30 LP, 40 Coins, 30 XP
The Sims Social Italian Holidays quest
Step 3 – Just A Pizza This!
  • Harvest some grapes (You can use the plots in the Italian Villa.)
  • Have fruit (Ask friends or do cooking skill actions for chance to collect)
  • Make some grape granita with the Venutia Granita Machine

Ever considered combining peaches and grapes for a fruity concoction? Harvest up enough grapes and get some fruit to mix together using the new Venutia Granita Machine. Rewards: 40 LP, 50 Coins, 40 XP

Step 4 – Just A Pizza This!
  • Craft a bouquet
  • 'Remove' broken pillars (Look around the Italian Villa and remember to come back for more.)
  • Have brush (Ask friends or remove broken pillars or pick up pile of stones for chance to collect.)

Antonella has roped us into making Mario a nice 'thank you' bouquet, you know, because flowers are for guys, too. So while we're here, we should help him out. All I know if the reward better be worth all this mushy stuff. Rewards: 50 LP, 60 Coins, 50 XP

Step 5 – Just A Pizza This!
  • Craft secret ingredient
  • 'Uncover' the Venutia Italian Oven
  • Earn coins from athletic skill items (Try the Venutia Dough Counter.)

Mario is asking us to join him in making a pizza. He's got some special cooking techniques to show us, so it's best pay attention. Rewards: 50 LP, 60 Coins, 50 XP
The Sims Social Italian Week quests
Step 6 – Just A Pizza This!
  • Get the pizza out of the Venutia Italian Oven
  • Call Luigi on the Venutia Telephone Table to repair the broken oven
  • Tell your friends that you are eating in Italy today.

It looks like dinner's almost ready. We have to take the pizza out in just the right time as we don't want it to burn. Oh, and don't forget the pepperoni. Yum, looks so good. Now time to share your pizza masterpiece with your friends. Rewards: 50 LP, 60 Coins, 50 XP and the Venutia Sundial.

Collectibles Required:
Last week you started working on the Venutia Lusso Marble Bath and the deadline has not passed to complete it. The below are not extra collectibles, they are just a reminder of what you need – the same as last week. Phew.

Venutia Lusso Marble Bath
Bling x11; Bottle of Pool Cleaner x6; Bouquet x5; Brush x40; Culture x14; Elbow Grease x32; Entertainment x8; Goodwill x13; Hammer x6; Happiness x7; Hope x2; Marble x7; Mosaic Tiles x24; Muse x19; Plans x15; Relaxation x5; Rocks x12; Steel x8; Trowel x45; Zen Crystal x1.

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