Zynga gets its very own Breakout game (with bunnies), thanks to Atari

Super Bunny Breakout
Super Bunny Breakout

In case you hadn't noticed, Zynga has a new publishing platform. And, boy, has it taken the FarmVille house to some strange and new places. Now, Inside Social Games reports that the land of Breakout is next in line through none other than Atari. The OG of game publishers has teamed up with Zynga to bring Super Bunny Breakout on iOS and Android to the masses.

Yes, that's a Breakout game with bunnies. Developed by Curious Brain, this take on the venerable Breakout franchise comes complete with a quirky, cute art style, an original story and realistic physics featuring objects made of different materials. Super Bunny Breakout sees a rabbit named Rodney bust out of a testing facility and free his fellow test subjects.

Based on the hands-on report by ISG, Super Bunny Breakout is a much more nuanced take on the Breakout formula, with six different animal characters acting as the balls with which the player breaks things. (Stop snickering.) These animals provide special power shots for extra destruction as well.

Each critter has varying levels of stamina that depletes as they repeatedly bump into objects, but refills over time or with a handy in-app purchase, in true free-to-play game fashion. At launch, Super Bunny Breakout offers 48 levels across three types of environments, with one in each world being a mini game. There's no word on exactly when Super Bunny Breakout will hit the app stores, so be on the lookout.

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