Don your detective's cap in Mirrors of Albion, coming soon to iPad


Game Insight is hoping the success of its Mystery Manor hidden object game will carry over into a new experience, as the developer / publisher has announced Mirrors of Albion, an upcoming hidden object game that will launch on iPad this Fall. Mirrors of Albion takes place in an alternate version of 19th century London, as players take on the role of aspiring detective. This version of London is inspired by Sherlock Holmes mysteries and Alice in Wonderland, combining magical mirrors, the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter, Constable Cheshire Jr and more into an apparently story-driven experience.


In each hidden object scene, players will be able to search for items based on shadows or text-based lists. There are more than 24 different kinds of hint objects to help us out, and different gameplay modes will hopefully keep things fresh. There's an overall map of London to explore, offering menu-based achievements, friends lists, ratings for scenes and more, and we'll be able to fight around 30 different kinds of criminals in our search for answers and justice.

While Mirrors of Albion doesn't have an official release just yet, we do have plenty of screenshots and even a teaser trailer to keep us busy as we wait for the game's release sometime this month. Releasing first on iPad, Mirrors of Albion will eventually launch on Google Play as well. Stay tuned for more on Mirrors of Albion, as we'll have a full review of the game after it launches.

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