FarmVille Return to England Goals: Everything you need to know


When it comes to the release of farm expansions in FarmVille, many players become disappointed in the lack of content released after the initial storyline of each farm has concluded. Many farmers have had no little reason to ever visit English Countryside again, for instance. That all changes now however, as a "Return to England" goal series has been released, giving players 28 days to do a ton of farming for rewards. We're here with a look at these goals, thanks to the folks at Zynga.

Travel Heavy

  • Harvest 500 English Peas

  • Harvest 500 English Roses

  • Take Photo of your Farm

No, those aren't typos, as you'll actually need to harvest 1,000 crops just to complete this first goal. I guess now we know why we're being given 28 days to complete this series. Your rewards for completing this first goal are 200 XP, an Old English Hen and 5,000 coins.

Barley Started

  • Harvest 800 Barley

  • Make 6 Barley Crumpets

  • Harvest 6 Livestock Pens

Rewards: 300 XP, English Pavilion, 6,000 coins

Lift a Pint

  • Harvest 800 Hops

  • Harvest 800 Red Currant

  • Make 8 Oliviaberry Beers

Rewards: 400 XP, White Pine Tree, 7,000 coins

Where There's a Wool

  • Harvest 1,000 Tomatoes

  • Harvest 1,000 Strawberries

  • Make 8 Love Potions

Rewards: 500 XP, Gertrude the Ewe, Mystery Game Dart, 8,000 coins

A Lamb for Ewe

  • Build 1 Sheep Pen

  • Harvest Sheep Pen 3 times

  • Harvest 1,000 Cara Potatoes

Rewards: 600 XP, Rose Garden, 9,000 coins

I'm Sure It'll Turnip

  • Harvest a Cow Pasture 5 Times

  • Harvest 1,000 Turnips

  • Make 10 Turnip Stew

Rewards: 700 XP, English Goat, 10,000 coins

Find Doctor Fluffy

  • Harvest 1,000 Radishes

  • Harvest 1,000 Foxglove

  • Make 10 Foxes Ale

Rewards: 800 XP, Mystery Game Dart, 11,000 coins

Fit for a Duke

  • Harvest 1,200 Black Tea

  • Make 6 Rosehip Tea

  • Make 6 Duke's Stout

Rewards: 900 XP, English Elm Tree, 15,000 coins

Goodbye Again

  • Harvest 1,500 Royal Hops

  • Make 12 Lionhead Ale

  • Buy 1 Crate

Rewards: 1,000 XP, English Manor, 20,000 coins

If anything, this gives extremely dedicated farmers something else to do while also working on the new content in Haunted Hollow. Just remember that these goals can be worked on while on any farm, so feel free to take advantage of animal buildings or land space that you have on hand in one farm that you may not in another. Good luck completing these incredibly time consuming goals!

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What do you think of these "Return to England" goals in FarmVille? Will you attempt to finish them, or are they high crop requirements too much to ask right now? Let us know in the comments!