Low on Farm Cash? Don't forget the FarmVille freebies!

FarmVille Money Tree
FarmVille Money Tree

The latest FarmVille Tree will set you back about 14 Farm Cash. A new Limited Edition Gnome: 12 Farm Cash. The cost of a horse has been stagnating at about 26 Farm Cash, but you'll pay more for Unicorns and Pegacorns. All these lovely items cost Farm Cash and if you are a FarmVille collector then you are already accustomed to using Farm Cash to purchase the newest must-have item for your growing collection of virtual FarmVille goodness. The FarmVille Market is updated with new Limited Edition items several times per week making collecting anything in FarmVille quite the task and impossible to do without spending Farm Cash.

Playing FarmVille doesn't have to cost real money, but having a little Farm Cash to spend sure is nice. Many players never buy Farm Cash and are perfectly happy playing without it. No one is ever forced into spending real money in ordinary gameplay, yet many people do chose to turn their real world dollars into Farm Cash and indulge in the online shopping FarmVille provides. And that's okay too. Whatever makes you happy, right?

Still, there are other ways to earn freebies in FarmVille just by playing. You can get awesome rewards for participating in the limited time events in FarmVille such as daily countdowns and mini escapades. Of course, there's also the usual series of FarmVille quests that do offer some great rewards too. For participating in events such as these, you can earn yourself free items that would typically cost Farm Cash such as animals, trees, and decorations for your farm. The extra XP and Farm Coins are bonuses. Sponsored ads and in-game Zynga cross-promotions as well as leveling-up are other ways to earn Farm Cash and FarmVille freebies.

Countdowns, Escapades, & Quests
FarmVille usually offers an ongoing daily countdown as well as an escapade. Typically, the countdowns in FarmVille have twelve days of daily prizes that include various animals, and a few trees or decorations thrown in the mix. There's also a bonus prize once you complete the countdown. Participating in countdowns and reaping the rewards is as simple as posting a share to your Facebook News Feed and accumulating clicks from your friends. Remember, you also get a task item when you click on a friend's share.

Escapades, such as the new Spooky Lane, can be found on the outskirts of your FarmVille farm where billboards usually appear. Simply click the feature to get started. These timed multi-stage escapades often require you to gather specific items by recruiting friend help in order to unlock the rewards. The Spooky Lane features some great prizes- a Fake Pegacorn? Yes, please! See a sneak peek by clicking here.

Like it or not quests in FarmVille are here to stay and completing them can earn you some awesome free rewards as well as XP and Farm Coins. There are four different series of quests available now.

Zynga Game Cross-Promotions
Zynga likes to reward FarmVille players for trying out their other games. Currently there is a cross-promotion going on between original FarmVille and FarmVille 2 where you can earn yourself free FarmVille consumables (for use in FarmVille) when you level-up in FarmVille 2. Freebies include rare items such as Unwither and Instant Grow. To access this offer simply click on the in-game billboard advertisement for FarmVille 2 that can be found on your FarmVille farm. Read more about the cross-promotion here.

Free Farm Cash There are ways to get free Farm Cash that are completely legit. No, this isn't a get Farm Cash rich scheme or a scam, but it will allow you to scoop up a couple free Farm Cash at a time. Each time you level up in FarmVille, you will receive one free Farm Cash until level 100.

FarmVille Sponsored Ads are great opportunities to easily earn Farm Cash and they don't require you to invest any personal information or much time. They can be found as in-game pop-ups or underneath your FarmVille play area. Click on the ad to get started. It can be as easy as watching a movie trailer or taking a short survey of a few questions. Since Sponsored Ads are from third parties who have paid to advertise in FarmVille they may not be available to all players due to regional restrictions. You can usually earn 1 to 3 Farm Cash per ad. To see examples of past FarmVille Sponsored Ads click here.

Don't forget to check your FarmVille Mini-Games for free plays in the Mystery Game, Pig-O Game, and others. FarmVille usually gives at least one free Mystery Dart and Pig-O Token per week. All you have to do is remember to visit your FarmVille farm and check!

What can you do with a measly one Farm Cash? One Farm Cash is all it takes to purchase one scarce Bushel for that last recipe you need to complete for a quest and it sure beats paying the 15 Farm Cash to skip the task. Don't quest? One plus one is two and a little Farm Cash adds up. Farm Cash crop permits can cost as little as 5 Farm Cash. FarmVille Crop Mastery hounds, who need every single shiny Crop Mastery sign for their farm, will need to spend Farm Cash to grow these crops. One Farm Cash can also buy you almost any construction material or part supply. To most players it may seem frivolous to waste Farm Cash on construction materials of all things because why spend Farm Cash when you can get the supplies for free? I agree, and that's why I'd rather save my pennies or Farm Cash rather and spend it on a Farm Coin producing animal, but I must admit I'm still a sucker for FarmVille Gnomes.

What Farm Cash hoarding strategies have you concocted over the years? Then share with us in the comments. Add Comment.

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