Will This Stock MAKO or Break-O Your Portfolio?


In the video above, Fool.com health care analyst Max Macaluso and bureau chief Brenton Flynn discuss the difficult issues faced by MAKO investors today.

MAKO Surgical (Nasdaq: MAKO) is best known for its RIO robotic arm system, a device that assists doctors during knee and hip replacement surgeries. MAKO has a robust razor-and-blades business model, but its sales have decelerated this year. A management shake-up over the summer might help the company jumpstart its sales, but with the company having seen lowered guidance and negative free cash flow last quarter, investors are wondering where MAKO will go from here. This stock is down more than 30% year to date, and shareholders are eagerly anticipating results from the third quarter, which will be released at the beginning of November.

The recent market sell-off of MAKO Surgical shares has many wondering whether the potential growth prospects of the robotic surgery company make this stock a buy or a stock to stay away from. To answer this question, Fool.com analyst and MAKO expert David Meier has authored a premium research report covering all of the must-know details on the company, including key areas to watch and risks looming in the future. As an added bonus, David will keep you informed with a full year of updates and guidance on MAKO Surgical as news breaks. Click here now to learn more and start reading.