War Commander maker Kixeye faces claims of racism from contractor

Kixeye racist?
Kixeye racist?

The leading developer of "hardcore" games on Facebook, Kixeye, is under fire for perhaps taking its "brogrammer" message too far. Kotaku reports that someone who claims to be a former contractor at the War Commander developer made several allegations of racism in the office lobbed at he and other black employees. He also plans to take legal action against Kixeye.

Known simply as "Qu33riousity", the supposed former contract worker made the claims in a lengthy blog post on his Tumblr of the same name. The post lists several acts of discrimination and racism toward the writer within Kixeye, including remarks about his "thuggish" clothing and being called "too sensitive" toward jokes and remarks that he considers "racist, sexist and homophobic."

The blog post in question has since been removed by the author, and Kixeye CEO Will Harbin provided the following response:

Five hours ago, I was shocked to learn through a blog post of a former short-term contract employee about allegations of discriminatory behavior at KIXEYE. WE TAKE THIS VERY SERIOUSLY. After an initial investigation we've taken substantial corrective action and will continue to do so as appropriate. The actions described in the blog post do not represent the cultural standards at KIXEYE (as demonstrated by our diverse and talented team) and will NOT be tolerated.

To perhaps put this into some perspective, this is the same game developer that released this recruitment video. We've reached out to Qu33riousity for comment.

[Image Credit: Kotaku]

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