Sarepta Goes Supersonic

Sarepta Therapeutics (Nasdaq: SRPT) shares have gone supersonic! Up more than 800% year-to-date following today's 180% gains ahead of the closing bell, shares have broken the sound barrier (768 mph) on a percentage basis in 2012. The reason for today's elation is Sarepta's treatment for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a drug called eteplirsen. 48-week trial data released this morning displayed incredible improvements for patients receiving a 50mg dose of the drug. In fact, the results showed some evidence that eteplirsen could help to reverse the progression of this fatal disease versus simply slowing its progression. While the news today is incredible for prospective patients and shareholders, the ultimate hurdle of approval from the Food and Drug Administration awaits. In the following video, health care bureau chief Brenton Flynn runs through the news in more detail and offers a few words of caution for investors.

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