Swing away in time for post season with MLB Dream Nine on Facebook

MLB Dream Nine on Facebook
MLB Dream Nine on Facebook

With the 2012 Major League Baseball season almost over, mega fans will need some outlet for their obsession. Konami hopes to provide that with its next Facebook game, MLB Dream Nine. A baseball management simulator game, MLB Dream Nine allows players to select their favorite MLB team, scout new players for it and see it to greatness.

Frankly, this take on the sports genre for the Facebook set doesn't offer much in the flashiness or action departments, but before saying anything too harsh, we'll just say this baseball game in particular is more for the statistic-savvy fan than the guy or gal that just loves watching the ball fly after an exciting volley of pitches. There will be no home runs hit in MLB Dream Nine.

That said, if you're more into the stats and names behind the glorious game of baseball, then MLB Dream Nine might be for you. But if you seek more action and excitement from your baseball simulator games, you should prepare for far less of that. But don't take our word for it--see it for yourself through the link below.

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