Why Is Netflix Declared a Double?


Citi has doubled down on Netflix, sticking to a $120 price target -- which is exactly twice the cost of shares today. Watch the preceding video for the full story on this upgrade, including reasons behind Citi's bullishness on the company and what Fool.com analyst Eric Bleeker believes is the key issue here for investors.

While Netflix's first-mover status is often viewed as a competitive advantage, the opportunities in streaming media have brought some deep-pocketed rivals, namely Amazon.com. Can Netflix fend off this burgeoning competition, and will its international growth aspirations really pay off? Citi certainly doesn't seem concerned, but should you be? These kinds of issues are a must-know for investors, which is why Fool.com analyst and Netflix expert Jim Mueller has written a premium research report on Netflix. Inside, you'll learn about the key opportunities and risks facing the company, as well as reasons to consider both buying and selling the stock. Click here now to learn more and access your copy today.