FarmVille Prize Pigs: Everything you need to know


If you're a Pioneer Trail player, the idea of a "Prized Pigs" feature is likely familiar, as that game received a Prized Pig feature back in May. Now, FarmVille has received a similar feature, as you'll be able to place the new Prize Pig Scale and team up with other famers to earn prizes by feeding pigs.

To be specific, you'll need to place the Prize Pig Scale before you can do anything else, but it doesn't require any building materials to finish. Your first Prize Pig is given to you for free, and you can hold up to three on your farm at once. If you'd like to be able to grow more than three Prize Pigs at a time, you'll need to unlock that ability with Farm Cash. To actually grow a Prize Pig, you'll need to collect Pig Chow. The overall goal is to feed the pig as many times as you can within a seven day period, or until you've fed it 100 times (whichever comes first).

After the end of seven days / 100 feedings, your pig will be weighed and you can earn prizes for your farm like additional Pig Chow, Turbo Charges, Unwither Potions, XP, decorations and more. Pig Chow itself can be earned by posting a request to your news feed or by purchasing it with Farm Cash. You can also craft some in the Craftshop if you have the necessary bushels to actually create it.

To make this feature a bit easier (and more social), you can team up with a partner to grow your pigs larger. At that point, any Pig Chow that either player gives to the pig will count to its overall total, saving you time in the process. After a pig grows, it will transform into a themed pig that can be kept on your farm forever. It's always possible that additional final pig varieties will be released in the future, so stay tuned for that.

After you've grown your first free pig, you can purchase additional piglets in the store for coins or Farm Cash. For instance, a Magnificent Pig can be purchased for 25,000 coins, while a Noble Pig requires 100,000 coins. We'll make sure to let you know if additional pigs launch in the store, or if Pig Chow is available to earn in bulk in any other ways, so stay tuned!

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[Via and image credit: Zynga]

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