There's no way the next E.T. video game would end up in a landfill

E.T.: The Green Planet
E.T.: The Green Planet

That's in part because the next E.T. game is a digitally-released farming simulator for iOS devices. According to Kotaku, a game for iPhone and iPad known as E.T.: The Green Planet will launch on the App Store on Oct. 9 in conjunction with the Blu-ray release of the iconic 1982 film, and pick up almost immediately where the movie left, at least in terms of story.

The Green Planet sees E.T. arrive at his destination after leaving Earth with a plant in hand at the end of director Steven Spielberg's must-see movie that made kids and parents alike go crazy over aliens. The goofy-looking, loveable alien lands on a planet teeming with plant life and other organisms. Even we'll admit that makes the farming mechanics found in nearly every simulator game on iOS a fine fit for this branding play.

Essentially, players will see through the mission that E.T. set out to accomplish in the film: Save his dying planet by growing alien plants and crossbreeding others to create new strains of life. Of course, you'll also visit other friends' gardens to check in on their progress. Check out the App Store on Oct. 9 to see the adorable alien's mission through after watching his Earthly adventures in high-definition. Ooh.

[Image Credit: Kotaku]

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