Disability Rights Lawyer Scott Johnson Sued For Sex Harassment

Scott Johnson disability rights lawyer
Scott Johnson disability rights lawyer

A California attorney who was paralyzed by a drunken driver in a hit-and-run accident has been on a long crusade to force businesses to become more accessible to the disabled, suing more than 2,100 of them over the past decade. Now he's become the target of a lawsuit himself, reports KXTV in Sacramento, with four his former legal assistants accusing him of sexual harassment and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Scott Johnson has made a lot of enemies over the years. Critics accuse him of making hundreds of thousands of dollars under the guise of a civil rights campaign and forcing some businesses to close their doors -- businesses like the beloved burger stand, Ford's Real Hamburgers. It shut down last weekend in Sacramento after Johnson filed suit and its owners said they couldn't afford to make its bathroom more accessible. Some have even accused Johnson of being a "vexatious litigant" -- someone who files meritless lawsuits as a form of harassment.