ChefVille Veggiematic Quests: Everything you need to know


Rejoice ChefVille players! We're finally being given a chance to spend Mushrooms, clearing up a bit of our land in the process! This comes via the release of the new Veggiematic and its four quests, which will see you building a cooking appliance of the same name, cooking tons of Veggie Kebabs and more! We're here with a look at these new Veggiematic quests, so let's get started!

Veggie Duties

  • Craft 3 Batches of Tomato Sauce

  • Serve 5 Veggie Kebabs

  • Place Veggiematic

While you've likely already completely mastered the Veggie Kebab dish, at least cooking it now will give you a chance to spend some Mushrooms. As for the Veggiematic, it's a rather large cooking appliance that can be unwrapped with three energy. From there, you'll need to collect building ingredients to finish it off. You'll need three Veggie Validations, four Mushroom Murmurs, four Onion Opinions, and three Tomato Talk to finish off the Veggiematic, with the latter two being available by sending out individual requests to your friends. The Veggie Validation and Mushroom Murmurs, meanwhile, are earned via general news posts on your wall. When you complete this first quest, you'll receive 10 coins, 1 XP and two Tomatoes.

The Veggie Assembly

  • Finish Building the Veggiematic

  • Cook 2 Tomato Mushroom Tarts

  • Give 10 Mushrooms to Ginger

The Tomato Mushroom Tarts are the first dish that you can cook on the Veggiematic, and each one requires six mushrooms, two tomatoes and a salt. It can be cooked in one minute, so the mushrooms that are likely taking over your land don't really stand a chance with these sorts of recipes being available. You'll receive 15 coins, 2 XP and two Wild Mushrooms for completing this second quest.

Veggie Handling

  • Tend a Tomato Plant 4 Times

  • Get 4 Veggie Tongs

  • Cook 8 Times with Wild Mushrooms

The Veggie Tongs are earned by posting a request to your wall for help. Meanwhile, the Wild Mushrooms can be cooked in any dish that requires them, and not just in dishes that have been released with this Veggiematic. That being the case, you can feel free to cook more Veggie Kebabs if you want to finish this quest quickly. You'll receive 15 coins, 2 XP and a Mozzarella for completing this quest.

Mushroom Madness

  • Visit 3 Neighbors

  • Serve 7 Stuffed Mushrooms

  • Tend 10 Wild Onion Patches

The Stuffed Mushrooms require seven mushrooms and a single Mozzarella to cook.

We'll make sure to stay on top of things and will let you know how to complete the final quest in this series as we learn more. Stay tuned!

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What do you think of this Veggiematic? Are you happy to finally have a use for all of the Mushrooms that you've grown in your yard? Sound off in the comments!