CastleVille goes pay-to-play with early access of Fairy Realm

CastleVille's newest expansion deals with fairies, as the Fairy Realm has been stripped of its color and you'll need to defeat Faugrimm and restore the Realm's color, helping your fairy friends in the process. This Fairy Realm expansion will eventually be available to all CastleVille players for free, but if you just can't wait to dive into this new land, you can access it early by paying Crowns... a lot of Crowns.

The current early access price is 200 Crowns, which would cost more than $25 US to purchase, if you splurged on Crowns at their normal price. As of this writing, you can currently score 179 Crowns for the price of 160, so while you will save some money on this purchase, the early access to Fairy Realm will still cost more than $20.

Is Fairy Realm worth purchasing early? That's definitely up for debate, as all players will eventually be let in for free. After that point, if your Crowns are still burning a proverbial hole in your pocket, wouldn't they be better spent on completing quests or purchasing limited edition items? That will ultimately be up to you, but stay tuned for more on this Fairy Realm feature either way, as we'll bring you complete guides to finishing it off!

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Will you spend 200 Crowns to unlock Fairy Realm early? If you've already traveled to Fairy Realm, what do you think of it so far? Sound off in the comments!