1 Thing to Watch For in Facebook's Next Earnings Report

The preceding video is from Tuesday's MarketFoolery podcast, led by host Chris Hill. In this segment, the discussion is on FacebookCOO Sheryl Sandberg's recent sit-down with CNBC for her first post-IPO interview. Fool.com editors Lyons George and Charly Travers analyze Facebook's new gifting program and how the company's ability to narrowly target ads gives it an advantage over traditional search companies.

The guys also look ahead to Facebook's next earnings report and share what investors should watch for. Although it's true that after the world's most hyped IPO turned out to be a dud, many are inclined to avoid this stock altogether. But there are still things that every investor needs to know about Facebook. We've outlined them all in our premium research report on the company, written by fool.com analyst and Facebook expert Evan Niu, CFA. There's a lot more to Facebook than meets the eye, so read up on whether there's anything to "like" about it, and we'll tell you whether we think this stock deserves a place in your portfolio. Click here now to learn more and access your report.