Wall Street Watch Tuesday: Team Inc. Comes Up Short

Team Industrial Services
Team Industrial Services

Team Inc. (TISI) is falling short in its latest quarter.

The provider of specialized industrial services posted disappointing bottom-line results after Monday's market close.

Team saw its revenue grow by a better than expected 14% to $161.5 million, but profitability didn't keep up. Team's quarterly earnings of $0.36 a share may have improved on the $0.33 a share that it rang up a year earlier, but the company only met Wall Street's growth targets halfway. Analysts were forecasting net income to check in at $0.39 a share.

Unfortunately this isn't an isolated event. Team has now come up short in two of the company's past three quarters.

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Team may not be a household name, but it's a heavy lifter in the industrial services arena. From leak or valve repair to emissions control, the company provides necessary services across various industries.

The rub for Team right now is that a lot of its overseas markets are in a deeper financial funk than we are closer to home. U.S. revenue actually climbed an impressive 20% during the quarter. However, investors are going to fret about the big miss on the bottom line.

A team is sometimes only as strong as its weakest player, and right now this Team is struggling with its income growth.

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