Watch Jimmy Kimmel play Draw Something with ... Kenny G? [Video]

Jimmy Kimmel Draw Something
Jimmy Kimmel Draw Something

Good old Jimmy Kimmel (of The Man Show fame) might be late to the party, but at least he makes a fine goof of it. On his ABC late night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host decided to play Draw Something with a celebrity. If anything, it's proof that even celebrities are terrible doodlers ... even with an iPad.

It's interesting to see Zynga leverage its ties to ABC (ever notice who gets all the video studio tours?) in new ways. In this clip (likely sponsored by Zynga), Jimmy tries to guess which celebrity is drawing his or herself in Draw Something. It's definitely Kenny G ... it has to be. I mean, who the hell else could it be? Oh.

[Via Kotaku]

Who do you think is to blame for this failed Draw Something guess? Are you still playing Draw Something? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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