Five Slightly Spooky Facebook Games for Halloween 2012

Halloween Facebook Games
Is your home decorated yet? Did you buy all of the candy you'll need? Finally, did you pick out your costume? If you answered "yes" to all three questions, then you might already be bored of Halloween. But have no fear (yet), for Facebook has plenty of spooky--well, slightly spooky--social games to pass the time until Oct. 31.

Here are five (mildly) freaky Facebook games that are worth your time. Who knows, maybe they'll even make you jump ... cringe? No? Alright, we'll get on with it already. (Click on the game titles to play now!):
The Walking Dead Social Game
The Walking Dead - Eyes Wide Games
This Facebook game based on the popular TV drama is all about instilling the tension and fear of living in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. It's not exactly the most social of Facebook games, but that might help some in building up those scares.
Dexter Slice of Life
Dexter Slice of Life - Ecko Code
Another Facebook game based on a popular TV thriller, Slice of Life puts players in control of everybody's favorite serial killer. In this game, you are the hand that drives the knife into cold flesh. That's after stalking and pouncing your prey, of course. Sound freaky enough?
Ghosts of Mistwood
Ghosts of Mistwood - Disney
More cutesy than spooky, this simulator meets hidden object game sees players solving an ancient mystery and communing with ghosts, demons and all other sorts of other worldly evils. Scary or not, it doesn't get much more Halloween than this.
Monstermind - Bossa Studios
Back in the day, nothing scared our parents and grandparents more than a good old monster movie. This Facebook game is your chance to either relive that fear or instill it in your friends--both from a bird's eye view. After all, vintage scares are still scares in their own right.
Dreamland - Freshplanet
Saving the best for last, this gem is by far the creepiest social game we've ever played. It's your job to take a trip through Dreamland, exorcising nightmares as you pass through. And, boy, are those nightmares downright creepy, or what?

Just for good measure, here are five more (potentially) horrifying honorable mentions:

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