FarmVille Spooky Lane: Everything you need to know


The FarmVilleGem Mine has now expired, and another new feature has already been released in its place. This feature is the Spooky Lane Halloween event, which comes with nine stages that farmers will be able to complete over the next 20 days. We're here with a look at the requirements for each stage, along with the prizes you can earn throughout this event, straight from Zynga. Let's get started!

Stage 1: Decorate Spooky Lane

  • Ask 4 Friends for Help

These friends can be earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors. Your reward for completing this first stage is a Spooky Lawn decoration.

Stage 2: Collect Lights

  • Get 6 Black Lights

  • Get 6 Orange Lights

  • Get 6 Green Lights

These lights are earned by either sending a request directly to your neighbors or sharing general news items on your wall. You'll receive a TP Tree for completing this second stage.

Stage 3: Collect Trick or Treat Bags

  • Get 6 Trick or Treat Bags

These Bags are earned through individual requests sent to your neighbors. You'll receive a Shark Turtle (a turtle dressed as shark) for completing this stage.

Stage 4: Collect Toys

  • Get 7 Toy Bats

  • Get 7 Toy Ghosts

  • Get 10 Toy Skeletons

These items are earned through individual requests and general news items on your wall. You'll earn a Chicken T-Rex for collecting them all.

Stage 5: Collect Jack-O-Lanterns

  • Get 10 Jack-O-Lanterns

These are earned via a general news item posted on your wall. You'll receive a Pumpkin Light Tree when you complete this stage.

Stage 6: Collect More Lights

  • Get 8 Black Lights

  • Get 8 Orange Lights

  • Get 10 Green Lights

You'll receive a Bumble Sheep (a sheep dressed as a bee) when you finish this stage of the event.

Stage 7: Decorate Spooky Lane More!

  • Ask 6 Friends to Help Decorate

These friends are gathered by sending out individual requests for them to help. You'll receive a Spider Web Tree when you finish this section.

Stage 8: Collect Candy

  • Get 10 Chocolate Bars

  • Get 10 Bags of Candy Corn

  • Get 14 Bags of Pumpkin Candy

These items are earned through the expected combination of general news posts and individual requests. You'll receive a Pegacorn Horse for finishing this stage. That's not a normal Pegacorn, but is actually a horse that has fake wings strapped to its back.

Stage 9: Collect More Trick or Treat Bags

  • Collect 14 Trick or Treat Bags

This final stage is completed by sending out individual requests to your friends to help. If you can finish this final timed segment in time, you'll receive the entire Spooky Lane as a decoration item that you can then use to decorate your farms, including Haunted Hollow.

It's still likely that tons of additional Halloween content will be released in FarmVille between now and the end of October, and if that's the case, we'll make sure to let you know. Stay tuned!

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What do you think of this new Spooky Lane event and the prizes you can win from completing it? Sound off in the comments!