CityVille Lakefront Civic Center: Everything you need to know

If your Lakefront expansion in CityVille is becoming overly crowded with dozens of community buildings, you can now free up some land space while still retaining the stats provided by those community buildings by placing and upgrading the Lakefront Civic Center. The Lakefront Civic Center can be thought of as a neighborhood, except that it stores community buildings instead of homes. The overall process of building the Civic Center is thankfully familiar, as you'll be able to place an initial "block" and then upgrade that block two times through item collection and staffing until the Civic Center can store 15 buildings in all.

Here, the first stage of the Lakefront Civic Center is completed by collecting six each of Red, Orange, Purple, Green and White Flannel. Unfortunately, your friends can only help you so far, as you'll need to earn the White Flannel on your own by collecting from your Lakefront Community Buildings. Obviously, the more buildings you own, the easier it will be to collect these White Flannel units, but premium buildings do have a better chance of dropping them than coin buildings do.

As you continue to upgrade and fill your Lakefront Civic Center, you'll need to collect more and more units of Flannel. The first upgrade (taking you from 5-10 storage slots) requires eight pieces of each kind, rather than six, and the second and final upgrade requires 10 of each color. This obviously makes the White Flannel requirement even more difficult to complete due to its limited availability, but with enough time dedication, you'll eventually be able to unlock the full 15 storage slots for your city. After that's done, you can start building even more businesses, homes and even community buildings to help your Lakefront grow even more. Good luck!

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[Via CityVille Wiki]

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