6 Homes of NFL Stars That You Can Own


By Jason Notte

Want to be a part of the NFL action but missed out on your chance to be a minimum-experience-required replacement referee? Try the real estate market instead.

The pros were back in zebra stripes last weekend, but plenty of the pros they officiate are looking for a few good football fans to fill their shoes. And shoe closets. And walk-in closets. And man caves.

Transience is just part of a professional athlete's job description. NFL players get traded, cut and put out to pasture each year and ex-NFL stars move just as much while chasing broadcast jobs, career opportunities and cash to pay back creditors. That makes the high-end real estate market a melange of young players' starter homes, veteran mansions bought a team ago and NFL legends' Hall Of Fame homesteads in need of downsizing.

With help from real estate sites AOL Real Estate, Zillow and Trulia, we thumbed through the listings and found six properties that NFL players past and present have put up for grabs recently. Take off the replica jersey and bring the checkbook. See the entire story at TheStreet.com.

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