Worms on Facebook: Sign up now for a chance at the closed beta

While we've known for the better part of a year that the classic Worms franchise would be given the social treatment on Facebook, the game has just now really started to pick up steam on the massive social platform, being available for interested players that are lucky enough to be accepted to the game's closed beta.

Worms on Facebook will allow players to take to battle using upgradeable, customizable worms that have been outfitted with rockets, grenades, shotguns and a whole host of additional weapons of mass destruction, as turn-based combat will see players fighting against their Facebook friends or computer controlled opponents. Each player has a home island of sorts, where they can name their worms, change their hats and more.

While players can quickly dive in and out of combat at will, they're also encouraged to complete specific tasks via an ongoing quest series, and the game will be monetized via the purchase of powerful weapons or hats, each of which may come with a bonus stat for that particular worm. For instance, one hat may make a worm earn 20% more coins for your wallet, while another may earn 50% extra XP.

In this early closed beta state of the game, battles move quickly and seem to work well to help those unfamiliar with the franchise find their bearings, but we'll have to wait and see how the final product stands up to established Facebook games like Wild Ones (which still lays claim to 2.7 million monthly active players) when the game launches sometime soon. If you're interested in signing up for the game's closed beta, simply click on this link to head over to Facebook and then fill out the form to apply.

Are you excited to try Worms on Facebook? Have you already gained access to the game's closed beta? Sound off in the comments!