Top 10 Free iOS and Android Games - September 2012

Free iOS and Android Games
Free iOS and Android Games

Summer is officially through, but there's still plenty of time to get outside and soak some sun before autumn takes hold. Better yet, that means there's more time to use the almighty "I'm going for a walk" excuse to get some much-needed game time in. With that, we give you the cream of the crop of September's best free mobile games (as of this writing). Enjoy the harvest:

Top Free iOS Games

1. NFL Pro 2013
Just in time for the season, Gameloft comes out with its next release of NFL Pro (pictured below), a full 3D football game that might rival the likes of Madden ... at least on iOS.

2. Coffee Shop Maker
In Sunstorm Interactive's simulator, players will craft tasty coffee shop-themed drinks and foods. They'll take every step in the process from boiling the water to throwing in the straw.

3. Flow Free
Already blew up all of the Bad Piggies? Then Big Duck Games' rendition of the classic pipe puzzler might do the trick, what with its friendly art style and social features.

NFL Pro 2013
NFL Pro 2013

4. Tiger Woods PGA Tour
Let's face it: This is likely the ultimate golf game for iOS devices, just as many would say about the series on consoles. Go for par against your friends in several modes, too.

Bubble Mania
Bubble Mania

5. Flick Champions HD
Can't get enough of, well, every sport? Then give Nawia Games' sports arcade game a try. Games of virtual soccer, basketball, hockey, tennis and more will test your flicking fortitude.

6. SongPop Free
Freshplanet's super addictive music trivia game is not one to be missed. It's essentially the Draw Something of music, the Words With Friends of tunes, so just play it already.

7. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 for iPad
Logic would dictate that this version of the game above is only better, with its larger screen size and all. All the more reason to download, no?

8. Home Design Story
Create and maintain the home of your dreams--stop us if you heard this one before--in TeamLava's new simulator. Time to get your feng shui on!

9. Bubble Mania
Next in line is yet another TeamLava game (pictured right), but with a decidedly different play hook and theme. In this bubble popper, you have 60 gorgeous, polished levels to crush.

10. CSR Racing
Gear-heads, your free-to-play mobile game is here. NaturalMotion's car simulator offers all the licensed vehicles, upgrades and crisp visuals and breakneck speed you could ask for.

Top Free Android Games

1. Bubble Shooter
Who expected a bubble shooter to rocket to the top? Cool Mango's release (pictured below left) has just the name, if a tad uninventive. Regardless, there are plenty of bubbles to shoot here.

2. Temple Run
If you've yet to download Imangi Studios' chart-topping, critically-acclaimed endless runner, there's still time to redeem yourself. Just press the button.


3. Angry Birds
Again ... seriously? Anyway, did you know that Angry Birds has released as a console game for sometimes more than triple the price of what's on the app stores? Crazy, right?

Bubble Shooter
Bubble Shooter

4. Basketball Mania
Picture yourself in front of one of those daunting basketball shootout arcade games with just seconds on the clock. Now, imagine that in your pocket. That's Mouse Games' latest.

5. Bike Race Free
Top Free Games has its answer to the popular trend of physics-based biking games. While it doesn't look amazing, we'll say "yes" to multiplayer, 64 tracks and 13 bikes to choose from.

6. Burger
Man, Magma Mobile sure knows how to name 'em. What couldn't sound more boring actually looks like a well-to-do time management simulator. Throw in 300 levels of it, and we're sold.

7. Words With Friends
This is just one of those games that might as well come on every phone out of the box. That said, just hit the download button already.

8. Angry Birds Space
Not again... Hey, did you hear that some dudes (and dudettes) made an augmented reality version of Angry Birds?

9. SongPop Free
Again, if you dig Draw Something and claim to be a music fan, then this is your game. It essentially serves the same audiences, and the two tend to overlap at times.

10. Bad Piggies
The next Rovio jam gives players a new perspective on the Angry Birds universe. Instead of just destroying things, you now build them up ... and then destroy them.

[Source & Image Credits: Apple, Google]

Did your favorite free mobile game of this month make the list? If not, what are you digging this month? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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