Pioneer Trail Lost Memory: Everything you need to know

While working out on the Homestead, your virtual spouse in Pioneer Trail received an odd bump to the head and has come down with a case of amnesia! You'll need to do whatever it takes to help them regain their memories, and in the process, you'll unlock double the rewards when using your spouse for actions in the future! Here's a guide to completing these Lost Memory goals, thanks to the folks at Zynga.

Bump on the Noggin'

  • Place the Memory Cabinet

  • Tend 25 Adult Sheep

  • Harvest 20 Peppermint Trees

Rewards: 400 XP, two Squeezing the Stone, New Memory Diary (needed to build the Memory Cabinet)

Memories Locked Away

  • Tend 35 Adult Pigs

  • Tend 50 Adult Pigs

  • Finish Phase 1 of the Memory Cabinet

Rewards: 600 XP, 2 Lumber Tree Serum, Best Breakfast Cookbook (needed for the Memory Cabinet)

A Life to Remember

  • Tend 60 Pink Roses

  • Craft 8 New Memory Journal Entries

  • Finish Phase 2 of the Memory Cabinet

Rewards: 800 XP, 2 Woodpecker Crows, Wedding Photo (for the Memory Cabinet)

Back in the Saddle

  • Tend 5 Woodpecker Crows with Spouse

  • Harvest 60 Lemon Trees

  • Finish Phase 3 of the Memory Cabinet

It's All Comin' Back

  • Tend 50 Neighbor Crops

  • Harvest 80 Red Roses

  • Finish the Memory Cabinet

Rewards: 2,000 XP, three Shearing for Shave-Tails, Beef Jerky

These goals also come with the introduction of a new crop, the Water Hyssop, which is available to send to your friends via the game's free gifts page. We wish you the best of luck in completing these goals on your Homestead!

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What do you think of these new spouse-themed goals? Will you use your Spouse to complete actions now because of the extra bonuses available? Sound off in the comments!