LISTEN NOW: Amy Vachal Performs "Hymn 101"

The Motley Fool does not have a vacation policy -- or put another way, we have an unlimited vacation policy. What may seem like a curious novelty is really just an attempt to put our people first -- from the very top of the organization, we believe that to succeed, we have to trust, challenge, and develop our people, because smart, motivated employees will lead to organizational success.

It's why we also devote significant resources to vocational and leadership development programs; Fool U, our internal university; a speaker series; and even companywide "great idea hunts."

It's also why we just launched an Artist-in-Residence program. In the words of Lee Burbage, who as People Fool oversees all aspects of our company's culture, "More than ever I am willing to be surprised by what we learn from talented people in all walks of life."

We are thrilled to welcome Amy Vachal, a singer/songwriter and painter based in New York, as our first Artist-in-Residence. As you'll see in the following clip, Amy is immensely talented:

We'll be welcoming all kinds of artists to the program, and we look forward to our team of Fools learning from and collaborating with all of them. It should make us a stronger, more creative organization.

Now, click the video above and listen to Amy cover "Hymn 101" once again. Fool on!

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