FarmVille Hungry Hungry Herd Giveaway

FarmVille Hungry Hungry Herd
FarmVille Hungry Hungry Herd

How badly do you want to share the world of FarmVille with your ... more cynical friends? Pretty badly, we'd imagine. Thanks to Hasbro, you might get to do just that with Hungry Hungry Herd, the first-ever FarmVille board game based on the iconic Hungry Hungry Hippos game. And we have one of these bad boys to give away to one lucky farmer.

What you'll get--if you win--is one Hungry Hungry Herd game ready for you and three of your friends out of the box. Here's how to enter for your shot at experiencing the world of FarmVille in a new light:

How to Win:

Step 1. Click the "Like" button above this post to share the Hungry Hungry Herd Giveaway with your friends.

Step 2. Go to our Facebook fan page and click "Like". This enables you to leave posts on our Wall.

Step 3. Leave a post on our Facebook fan page telling us the following:

FarmVille's first board game ever, Hungry Hungry Herd, lets players experience and share the franchise a brand new way. If you were to think up a creative way to get your friends and family into FarmVille, what would it be and why?

(Ex. I would start a real-life co-op garden with my friends to bond with them ... and to show them how much easier farming is in FarmVille!)

Next week, the council of elders will choose one winner and reach out to him or her on Facebook for shipping information to provide to Hasbro. So, if you leave a post, definitely check your Facebook inbox and submission next week.

Sound easy enough? Good luck!

Note: To enter you must be a resident of the United States and have a Facebook account.

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