CityVille Monopoly Giveaway

CityVille Monopoly Giveaway
CityVille Monopoly Giveaway

When you think about it, what other game would be as brilliant of a fit for a CityVille-branded board game than Monopoly? It's got properties to pawn off and buy, buildings to upgrade and even that lovely element of chance. Thanks to Hasbro, you now have the chance to make that judgement for yourself. We have a copy of CityVille Monopoly to give away to one lucky virtual mayor.

What you'll get--if you win--is one CityVille Monopoly game ready for you and your friends and/or family out of the box. Here's how to enter for your shot at experiencing the world of CityVille with more than just your mouse:

How to Win:

Step 1. Click the "Like" button above this post to share the CityVille Monopoly Giveaway with your friends.

Step 2. Go to our Facebook fan page and click "Like". This enables you to leave posts on our Wall.

Step 3. Leave a post on our Facebook fan page telling us the following:

CityVille's Monopolization, if you will, lets players experience and share the franchise in a new if familiar way. If you were to think up a creative way to get your friends and family into CityVille, what would it be and why?

(Ex. I would start a debate about whether our mayor is doing that good of a job. When tensions start to rise, I would tell my friends and/or family that they can be mayor for a day [or more] in CityVille with a click!)

Next week, the council of elders will choose one winner and reach out to him or her on Facebook for shipping information to provide to Hasbro. So, if you leave a post, definitely check your Facebook inbox and submission next week.

Sound easy enough? Good luck!

Note: To enter you must be a resident of the United States and have a Facebook account.

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