CityVille Wedding Planners Goals: Everything you need to know

The CityVilleDream Wedding event was already complex enough, but it's become even more so with the launch of Wedding Planner goals in our cities. This three-part goal series will see you build a Wedding Planner's office in your city (a new business) and then upgrading it for prizes. We're here with a look at how to complete these goals in your town, so let's get started!

The Man with the Plan

  • Ask friends for 15 Wedding Check Lists

  • Collect from 25 Neighbor Residences

  • Build Wedding Planners Inc.

The Wedding Planners Inc requires eight energy to build, but thankfully doesn't require any staff or building materials after that. The Wedding Check Lists, meanwhile, are earned by posting a general news item to your wall, requesting help from all of your friends at once. You'll receive 200 XP and 50,000 coins for completing this first goal.

It's Time to Upgrade

  • Upgrade Wedding Planners Inc to Level 2

  • Collect from 30 Restaurants

  • Harvest 50 Sugar Cane

The Wedding Planners upgrade process returns to a style seen in items like the Bakery or Burger Joints, as you can upgrade it without building materials, by simply repeatedly collecting from and supplying the business over time. The first upgrade is earned after you've accumulated 50 points, and remember that you can ask your friends for points outright to speed up the process. The initial version of the business requires 380 Goods to operate, but the first upgrade launches that up to 437. Completing this goal gives you 400 XP and seven energy.

Cool Your Jets

  • Upgrade Wedding Planners Inc to Level 3

  • Collect from 15 New York Passenger Jets

  • Increase Population by 3,000

The final upgrade to the Wedding Planners business requires you to collect another batch of points, and this final version of the store boosts its requirements to 494 Goods. You'll also receive 2,569 coins by default each time these Goods are spent. When you complete this final goal of the trio, you'll receive the Bridal Convention item for your city. Good luck!

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[Via: CityVille Wiki]

What do you think of these Wedding Planner goals and the new Wedding Planner business? Do you prefer collecting building materials over earning upgrade points? Sound off in the comments!