CityVille Lakefront Playground: Everything you need to know


This weekend marks the release of yet another goal in the long line of CityVille goals that asks you to expand your city in a certain direction to unlock an exclusive item. In this newest offering, the feature has moved to the Lakefront Expansion, as you'll be required to expand your Lakefront out to the Lakefront Playground before being able to use it. Here's a look at this goal and its other requirements to help you out.

Time to Play the Game!

  • Expand to the Lakefront Playground

  • Increase your Lakefront Population by 5,000

  • Harvest 50 Shrimp

If you happen to have expanded to the entire Lakefront board already, this Playground will be found in your inventory and you'll have a much easier time of things. For everyone else, it will be a process of collecting Zoning Permits and population before you can eventually reach it. You'll receive Zoning Permits for completing this goal, along with simply having the Lakefront Playground in your city, so your work is at least rewarded with something functional that you can use later.

In the case of the Lakefront Playground specifically, this is actually a community building, adding 2,000 citizens of population to your maximum allowance. Whether or not that boost is worth being forced to expand your land in a direction you might not have otherwise will be up to you, but you'll need to make your decision sooner, rather than later, as this likely won't be around forever.

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[Via CityVille Wiki]

What do you think of this Lakefront Playground? Are you willing to expand your land to unlock these kinds of items, or do you choose to expand only when and where you want to? Let us know in the comments!