CastleVille: Play FarmVille 2 for Dye Kits, Steel Bars and more


If you're a loyal CastleVille player, your incentive to try Zynga's newest Facebook game FarmVille 2 has just increased, as the games have come together in a cross-promotion, offering CastleVille players free items in their Kingdoms for trying and eventually leveling up in FarmVille 2.

There are three stages to this cross-promotion, with different items being awarded each time you reach a certain milestone on your new farm. For instance, for reaching Level 3 in FarmVille 2, you'll receive three Dye Kits back in CastleVille. For reaching Level 10 in FarmVille 2, you'll receive three Steel Bars and for reaching Level 20 in FarmVille 2, your final reward is a bundle of Rifting Scepters.

Obviously, all of these prizes are items you could already have in your Kingdom anyway, but being given them outright saves you from being required to craft them yourself (and waste those crafting materials in the process). While reaching Level 20 in FarmVille 2 is easier said than done, make sure to check out our tips and tricks for playing the game and add yourself to our Add Me page so that you can find new friends to help you level up fast! Good luck!

Play CastleVille on now --->

Play FarmVille 2 on now --->

What do you think of this CastleVille / FarmVille 2 promotion? Will you actually try FarmVille 2 to win these prizes, or are they simply not "special" enough for you to want to invest that kind of time in a new game? Sound off in the comments!