25 Billion Reasons Amazon Should Be Scared

Googlehas now processed more than 25 billion downloads through its Google Play service, and competitors in the digital distribution arena -- namely Amazon.com,Apple, and Netflix -- have good reason to sit up and take note. What's so stunning about this number is that Google Play was only launched in March, less than seven months ago. To put that in perspective, consider that the Apple App Store, which has been around since July 2008, didn't reach 25 billion downloads until six months ago.

Watch the preceding video for the full story, including Google's additional strengths with its Android platform and implications for competitors down the road. And what about Amazon? Everyone knows it's the big bad wolf in the retail world right now, but the company has a lot riding on digital distribution as well. When a relative newcomer to the space hits 25 billion at such a fast pace, should Amazon investors be worried? In our new premium report on Amazon, we'll tell you what's driving Amazon's growth, which risk factors to keep an eye on, and how to know when to buy and sell. Our report also has you covered with a full year of updates as key new hits, so click here now to get started.

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