Pioneer Trail: Play FarmVille 2 for free boosts, trees and more


Yet another cross-promotion has launched across Zynga's games, as Pioneer Trail players are being given the chance to earn free boosts by simply playing (and hopefully sticking with) FarmVille 2 on Facebook.

As with so many other cross-promotions, this one is level based, with rewards being passed out starting at level three. At that point, players will receive 25 Cotton Ready Boosts back on their Homesteads. If you've already reached Level 3 in FarmVille 2, you'll still need to click on the "Play Now!" button on your Homestead to make your progress "sync" across both games.

After that point, it seems as though this promotion might be slightly bugged, or at least slow to roll out to all players. We know that we'll eventually receive free Fully Grown Willow Trees and Raging Buffalo, but the specific levels required for those prizes are still up in the air. If we had to make a guess, it'd be that these prizes are handed out at Levels 10 and 15 in Pioneer Trail, but we've reached out to Zynga for specifics. Stay tuned!

Play Pioneer Trail on Facebook now --->

What do you think of this Pioneer Trail / FarmVille 2 cross-promotion on Facebook? Have you been able to receive anything other than the Cotton Ready Boosts? Let us know in the comments!

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