CityVille: City Search now available, if you're willing to pay


"Early Access" seems to be one of Zynga's favorite phrases, as we've recently seen the launch of Building Storage in Hidden Chronicles and the Haunted Hollow farm in FarmVille that are/were only available to players that were willing to pay real money for them (albeit for a limited time).

Now, a similar feature has come to CityVille, as the new City Search feature is slowly rolling out to all Mayors. This feature will allow you to search your entire board, including inside neighborhoods and malls, for items that you may be trying to find for goals (or for any other reason). This City Search menu even searches your Downtown and Lakefront expansions, just in case you've misplaced an item there as well.

Of course, all good things come to those who wait, but if you want access to this City Search menu without waiting, you can now unlock it by paying 90 City Cash. If you're curious, that translates to around $11 US, and that's just to unlock a search menu. While Early Access obviously isn't a rarity amongst Zynga's games, at least items like the Building Storage in Hidden Chronicles or FarmVille expansions (usually) come with more value for the cost. Here, you're paying a ton of money for a search menu that many players will likely rarely use. Luckily, this definitely isn't mandatory, and you can easily save your City Cash for another day.

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Will you purchase City Search for 90 City Cash? Would you unlock it early if it cost just 9 City Cash, instead of 90? Sound off in the comments!