The Ville Swimming Pool: Everything you need to know

Proving that it's never truly too late for summer fun, the Ville residents are now being given the chance to build a Swimming Pool on their lots. This Swimming Pool is comparable to the recently released Storage Shed, in that it comes with both upgrades and a function, but instead of allowing you to store items, this Swimming Pool actually raises your maximum Happiness Point cap. There are quests to complete along with this new Swimming Pool feature, and we're here with a guide on how to finish them off, thanks to Zynga.

Pool Power

  • Start Building Your Swimming Pool

  • Buy Swimwear for your Avatar

  • Ask friends for 5 Pool Pump Parts

Rewards: 75 coins, 2 XP


  • Finish Building the Pool

  • Call Over 3 Neighbors

  • Do a Cannonball 3 Times

The Pool requires building materials to finish, so you'll need to ask your friends for items like Tape Measures, Dreams, Screwdrivers and more. This first level of the Swimming Pool raises your maximum Happiness Points by 100 points. You'll also receive 75 coins, two XP and a Poolside Lounge Chair for completing this quest.

Swimsuit Secrets

  • Work Out 3 Times

  • Place your Poolside Lounge Chair

  • Tan in the Lounge Chair 5 Times

Rewards: 35 coins, 2 XP

A Perfect Ten

  • Upgrade the Pool

  • Ask friends for 6 Pool Pump Parts

  • Do 3 Graceful Dives

The Pool upgrade requires you to collect even more items than before, including Screwdrivers, Tape Measures and even some "original" building materials for this event. You'll receive a Poolside Lounge Table, 5 XP and 75 coins when you complete this quest.

Distracted Demolition

  • Ask friends for 6 Pool Pump Parts

  • Collect 8 Pool Heater Parts

  • Place the Poolside Lounge Table

Rewards: Poolside Shower, 100 coins, 5 XP

A Good Soak

  • Upgrade the Pool

  • Place the Poolside Shower

  • Do 5 Relaxing Floats

This final upgrade to the Pool requires even more items still, as you'll need Tape Measures, Rhythm and much more to actually finish it off. You'll receive 100 coins and 5 XP for completing this quest.

Hangin' Poolside

  • Build a Poolside Lounge

  • Build a Mocktail Bar

  • Buy 2 Outdoor Furniture

The Poolside Lounge is a room that requires four friends to completely build. While you're waiting on friends to arrive as carpenters, you can work on also constructing the Mocktail Bar, which requires Hugs, Rhythm and more. You'll receive 600 coins and 10 XP when you complete this quest.

Luckily, there don't appear to be time limits on completing these quests, so feel free to take your time if you're more concerned with finishing other projects first. Good luck finishing these quests once you begin!

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What do you think of this Swimming Pool in the Ville? Are you enjoying this "never-ending summer" in the Ville, or would you like the game to transition into Fall? Sound off in the comments!