EA's Helsinki, Finland studio will revisit The Sims on mobile devices

The Sims mobile
The Sims mobile

It looks like that Playfish studio that's set to open in Finland isn't a Playfish studio at all. Gamasutra reports that publisher EA's Helsinki-based operation is a Maxis studio that will focus on bringing new releases in The Sims franchise to mobile devices. Of course, the studio will also be interested in pursuing other opportunities. (Perhaps to develop some new properties?)

Known simply as Maxis Helsinki, the upcoming studio is led by Playfish VP of global studios Jami Laes, who joined EA's Maxis label under GM Lucy Bradshaw, according to Gamasutra. Bradshaw told Gamasutra that mobile is a "strategic focus" for the The Sims creator, and that the inspiration for moving to Finland was the area's increasing mobile expertise in terms of developers.

I think we all know who she might be referring to there. It's interesting to see EA and Maxis open a studio in the heart of Angry Birds territory, and more interesting to see the developer double down on The Sims for mobile. Will we finally see a version of The Sims Social for mobile? Who knows, but we'll be leading even more double lives in our pockets eventually--that's for sure.

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