Call of Duty vets fire away with free-to-play shooter Offensive Combat

Offensive Combat
Offensive Combat

Some folks behind the most popular console shooter of all time have created what they likely hope will be the most popular free-to-play shooter of all time. U4iA Games, composed of veterans of Call of Duty series creators Activision and Treyarch, has released Offensive Combat, a web-based shooter available on both PC and Mac.

"Multiplayer fans should brace themselves for an exciting ride starting today, and I say that confidently," U4iA Games CEO and co-founder Dusty Welch said in a release. "Our team has taken our dozens of years of experience designing wildly popular multiplayer, action and adventure games, and created an energized, eSport–tuned FPS experience brought directly to gamers, in their browser, wherever they are. To us, that's the future of gaming."

So, yeah, Offensive Combat might look like a cartoon, but it's certainly aimed right at the "hardcore" audience. Available in an "open beta" (otherwise known as "live") starting today, this shooter offers custom playable characters with the ability to mix and match elements from 29 characters, tricked-out weapons and six maps to play on to start.

Mobile and tablet versions of the game are in development as well for launch later this year. It's clear that U4iA Games is not messing around, but what isn't clear is whether the shooter crowd will bite. See for yourself right now.

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