Zynga gets fancy for FarmVille 2 with a full 3D trailer [Video]

FarmVille 2 trailer
FarmVille 2 trailer

Chances that, if you're a regular reader of this website, you're already playing FarmVille 2. But just in case you aren't, Zynga has released a special launch trailer in hopes of piquing your interest. Keeping in theme with what this full-blown sequel is all about, this trailer is in full 3D and looks quite gorgeous as far as Facebook game trailers go.

What's most striking about this trailer is how faithful it is to how things are presented in FarmVille 2 while playing it. Crops pop out of the ground, chickens instantly sprout into adulthood when fed and ingredients simply go poof and out pops the end result when in the crafting cottage. At any rate, at least the trailer is neat to look at, so enjoy.

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