Zynga PhotoBooth plays games with your Facebook photo albums

Zynga PhotoBooth
Zynga PhotoBooth

Between FarmVille 2 and published games like Ultimate Collector, Zynga is hard at work these days making (and playing) games. But the next product from the FarmVille house isn't so much a game as it is an app. This is Zynga PhotoBooth, an app that lets users take their Facebook photos and dress them up with Zynga artwork and characters.

Discovered by CE Gamers and playable in an "open beta" state, Zynga PhotoBooth then, of course, lets users share those Zynga-branded photos with their friends. Ever wanted to photo-bomb your friends at will? Boom--Zynga Photo Booth might be your new best friend.

According to Zynga, this is a way for the developer to make its most popular artwork available to its players. But it's also Zynga's chance to prove that it's capable of building more than just games. It will be interesting to see whether players bite onto a product that arguably is not a game, and whether this path will prove lucrative for Zynga.

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