WMS to Debut More Than 100 New and Unique Games on More Than 200 Gaming Machine Configurations at 20


WMS to Debut More Than 100 New and Unique Games on More Than 200 Gaming Machine Configurations at 2012 Global Gaming Expo

- New For-Sale and Participation Products Highlight WMS' Imaginative Content and Technology Leadership for Engaging Players. Delivering Results.™ -

- Diversified Portfolio Features Innovative Games Based on Player-Popular Brands, New Themes for Proven Performers, an Expanded Number of New Math Models, Two Operating Platforms and Five Cabinets Which Demonstrate WMS' Commitment to Fulfill Customer Needs -

WAUKEGAN, Ill. & LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Showcasing its creative gaming content and innovation leadership, WMS Gaming Inc., a subsidiary of WMS IndustriesInc. (NYS: WMS) , will debut an extensive portfolio of must-have, differentiated gaming experiences that address casino operators' needs at the 12th annual Global Gaming Expo (G2E®) on October 2-4 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center (Booth #1118) in Las Vegas. More than 100 exciting new participation and for-sale games, created through player insights that inspire performance-driven products and supported by WMS' most extensive-ever number of math models, demonstrate WMS is leading the industry with new products that are "Engaging Players. Delivering Results."

WMS Gaming's diversified gaming content will feature a significant number of new math models that address player demand for varied gaming experiences: 24 new themes for proven-performing for-sale game series such as Colossal Reels®, G+® and G+ Deluxe and Awesome Reels®; 14 themes on new series such as Amazing Gems™, Double Money Burst, Speed Spins™, X-Reels™ and Royal Series; 5 new participation games based on iconic consumer entertainment brands includingTHE GAME OF LIFE™, CHEERS™, KISS™, SPIDER-MAN™ and WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY™; and, 17 new participation games for the Company's time-tested, top-performing MONOPOLY™, THE WIZARD OF OZ™, THE LORD OF THE RINGS™, Reel 'em In® and other participation series.

Show highlights include the Company's demonstration of 22 new games that leverage the advanced capabilities of its next-generation CPU-NXT®3 operating platform, the multitude of imaginative gaming content for the successful CPU-NXT2 operating platform and the exciting casino floor diversity enabled by five different cabinet styles available to customers, including the new revolutionary, category-creating Gamefield xD™ cabinet for participation games, all-new My Poker® video poker dedicated gaming machines and the premiere of the next-generation Blade™ cabinet, WMS' latest upright cabinet that is sure to grab players' attention launching exclusively with for-sale game themes, as well as the ever-popular Bluebird®2e and Bluebird xD™ cabinets. All of the new products demonstrated at G2E 2012 are expected to be commercialized by June 30, 2013. Also featured will be the Williams Interactive™ branded products and services that address customers' needs for online wagering and play-for-fun social, casual and mobile gaming opportunities.

Brian R. Gamache, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of WMS, said, "Our ability to create player-appealing, must-have, differentiated gaming experiences by marrying imaginative and creative content with advanced technology is the hallmark of WMS. We expect to once again lead the way with unique new game content, novel new play mechanics, original entertainment experiences, robust platforms and exciting new cabinets. Our G2E lineup this year clearly highlights our efforts to lead the industry in both content and innovation. Inspired by player insights and market research, our performance-driven product portfolio offers casino operators more unique player experiences than ever before. With more than 100 new games, our CPU-NXT2 and CPU-NXT3 operating platforms and five distinct cabinet configurations, our broad array of new products clearly demonstrates our steadfast commitment to offer customers a pipeline of exciting games to both enhance and protect their investment in gaming machines for years to come."

New For-Sale Games and Gaming Cabinet for New and Player-Favorite Series, Plus All-New

Play Mechanics

In addition to the multitude of new games developed for the CPU-NXT3 operating platform that will support the launch of the sleek new Blade gaming cabinet, WMS is demonstrating an extensive portfolio of new for-sale games for the Bluebird2 and Bluebird2e cabinets, as well as the Bluebird xD cabinet, which can be configured with the optional wide-screen Metascreen® display, including:

  • Colossal Reels: Introduced last year and quickly becoming a high-performing product in 2012, the Colossal Reels series utilizes the full widescreen power of the Bluebird2 and Bluebird xD cabinets to feature two reel sets - traditional and oversized - that transfer wild symbols between reels. The series will be expanded with six new themes and unique math models this year.

  • G+ Deluxe: First introduced at G2E 2010, the G+ Deluxe series continues to generate coin-in premiums to house averages. Exclusively on Bluebird2e and Bluebird xD cabinets, the G+ Deluxe series features emotive lighting directly integrated into game play and bank-wide celebrations. This year, the series will expand with Fallen Angels™, Wicked Beauty™ and Mystical Worlds™ themes.

  • Awesome Reels: Launched last year with two themes, the Awesome Reels series has a sixth reel that expands big wins into even bigger wins with a 6x4 Reel video interface and Any Way® pay tables that provide 4,096 ways to win with each spin. Two new themes, Princess Tales™ and Tiger's Realm® II, are added to the series this year, doubling the number of themes for the series that has become the talk of online player communities due to its dramatic volatility (10,000 wins at minimum bet).

  • Double Money Burst: Building on the proven Money Burst® series, this new 2x2 reel is set beside a 3x6 reel set creating a never-before-seen game layout offering up to 100 lines of high-volatility action. The Double Money Burst series will be shown at G2E 2012 with four unique math models and four themes: Dean Martin's Pool Party™, Fire Queen™, Neptune's Quest™ and Great Owl™.

  • Rapunzel: A new game for the Bonus Bank series featured on the Bluebird xD Metascreen cabinet, the Rapunzel theme is available in video reel and Transmissive Reels® technology versions and is designed for players seeking frequent bonus rounds, the "cute factor" and engaging entertainment. Presented with two themes, Rapunzel and Gothel™, each featuring four shared bonus rounds - Rapunzel Wilds™ Bonus,Big Kitty's Wheel™ Feature, Gothel's Revenge™ Bonus and Magic Hair™ Mystery Reveal. The Rapunzel game will be offered both on a for-sale and a participation basis.

  • My Poker: The new My Poker video poker product, which combines player-popular themes and pay tables with optional Feature Bet games, player-personalization capabilities enabled by WMS' Player's Life® Web Services and a specialty-built poker button panel to provide superior player comfort, better sightlines and maximized visibility. Both the My Poker Multi-GamePokerand My Poker Winning Streak® Pokerproducts enable players to customize and play their favorite game, all with the added functionality and playability designed to enhance the gaming experience (additional information can be found at News and Media on the WMS website).

  • Blade: The stunning, sleek new Blade gaming cabinet, honed by player insights and casino operator feedback, is WMS' next-generation for-sale cabinet designed to cut through the clutter on casino floors. With appealing aesthetics forged to support the robust capabilities of the CPU-NXT3 operating system, the Blade cabinet elevates the play level of WMS' imaginative game content and play mechanics.

New Participation Games and New Gaming Cabinet Drive Excitement for Casino Floors

Highlights of the new participation games and cabinet (with additional information on many of these games found at News and Media on the WMS website) for introduction in fiscal 2013 include:

  • THE GAME OF LIFE: A Wide-Area Progressive slot game, THE GAME OF LIFE slot game combines many of the classic Hasbro game's entertaining elements with great slot play and the Company's advanced sound and graphics technology. This new Community Gaming® game utilizes the sleek design of the Bluebird xD cabinet, giant overhead LCD screens and bank-wide lighting to enhance game play, bringing a larger-than-life slot experience to the casino floor.

  • CHEERS: Based upon the immensely popular, long-running TV sitcom show, the CHEERS slot game features the lovable cast of characters that everyone knows, including Norm and Cliff. With fun filled bonus rounds like Cliff Clavin's Random Fact Bonus, where players select a card to be awarded credits and a quick clip of little known information from Cliff, such as "It's a little known fact that the tan became popular in what is known as the Bronze Age," or Norm's "Pour You a Beer Mr. Peterson?" bonus, players are sure to find plenty of enjoyable slot entertainment on casino slot floors.

  • KISS: Featuring the rock music made famous by one of the world's most recognized and successful bands, the KISS premium standalone game offers players a unique take on multi-array slot games with original game mechanics. The game features a multi-array base game that can award one, two or three bonus reel sets on any spin, enhanced with either WILD symbols added or low-pay credit symbols removed to enhance the opportunity for a big win. Legendary original KISS band members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons will be at the WMS booth on Tuesday, October 2 from 10:00 AM until Noon PDT to greet fans in support of this rockin' new game.

  • SPIDER-MAN: A new Sensory Immersion 2.0 premium participation Wide-Area Progressive slot game, the SPIDER-MAN game leverages the Company's innovative synchronized motion chair technology and the advanced sound and graphics powered by WMS' next-generation CPU-NXT3 operating platform to bring the thrills, excitement and sense of wonder of Marvel Entertainment's iconic SUPER HERO™ to casino slot floors. The second game to feature WMS' Sensory Immersion 2.0 synchronized motion chair system, SPIDER-MAN is a "dual-array game" providing reel-spinning video action across two full 5x3 reel layouts with each spin, along with six random "Spider-Sense" features and exciting bonus rounds that include video and audio clips from the first three movies of the film franchise.

  • WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY: The third WMS Sensory Immersion 2.0 participation Wide-Area Progressive slot game, the WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY game delivers an entertaining experience with enhanced graphics, superior play mechanics and advanced touch screen functionality integrated into the game play that is synchronized with the movement of the motion chair. A ride on the CHOCOLATE RIVER BOAT™ is brought to life through the motion chair technology and gives players the chance to experience the "Scrumdidilyumptious" joy of finding a golden ticket hidden in a WONKA Bar™ that awards a $5,000 jackpot - with the odds of finding it increasing each time the jackpot is not won. Even the game's WONKAVATOR™ feature, the free spin trigger used to determine which bonus round will be awarded, is motion enabled.

  • Gamefield xD cabinet with three new game themes: An entirely new cabinet design dedicated to participation games, the Gamefield xD cabinet will debut at G2E 2012 with new participation games for WMS' popular MONOPOLY and THE WIZARD OF OZ game series. The new MONOPOLY Prime Reel Estate™ slot game and THE WIZARD OF OZHaunted Forest™ and THE WIZARD OF OZ Emerald City™ games will make their debuts with spectacular high-definition graphics from dual 32-inch screens and the enhanced performance characteristics enabled by the robust capabilities of the CPU-NXT3 operating platform on the Gamefield xD cabinet.

Williams Interactive Addresses Customers' Needs for iGaming Products and Services

WMS is advancing casino operators' iGaming efforts through a comprehensive first-of-its kind B2B casino-branded suite of interactive products and services that bridge the casino, online, social, casual and mobile gaming entertainment into an integrated gaming ecosystem. At G2E 2012, WMS will showcase how its B2B interactive products and services - spanning a comprehensive range of iGaming products from authentic time-tested WMS slot games to the robust world-class online poker platform of 888 - can create for casino operators a casino-branded customized gaming entertainment community based on the operator's unique brand and player strategies.

The comprehensive suite of Williams Interactive cloud-based, white-labeled interactive capabilities is flexible and builds an online social gaming entertainment experience in the near-term that can progress to a complete world-class online real-money wagering experience, when legally enabled. Offering casino operators a first-of-its-kind casino-branded social gaming experience, the Williams InteractivePlay4Fun Network entertainment product combines the social features expected by online players and the dynamic messaging capabilities needed by casinos, along with authentic WMS slots, mini-games, online poker and other social entertainment to present their players with an integrated gaming experience that loops from the casino to the online world and back again.

Orrin J. Edidin, President of WMS and Chief Executive Officer of Williams Interactive, commented, "With over a half century of experience creating game experiences that excite players across a range of platforms, we are uniquely qualified to help customers engage players across generations and across multiple content distribution channels to power their growth for years to come. Our customers are familiar with WMS as a creator of world-class content, with slots that rank among the world's best performing year after year. We are building on that legacy with Williams Interactive gaming content, proven management services and flexible, total solutions to bring casino operators the most competitive online gaming, social, casual and mobile content, as well as services and support that help them build far-reaching communities around their unique and valuable brands."

About WMS

WMS serves the gaming industry worldwide by designing, manufacturing and marketing games, video and mechanical reel-spinning gaming machines, video lottery terminals and in gaming operations, which consists of the placement of leased participation gaming machines in legal gaming venues. The Company also develops and markets digital gaming content, products, services and end-to-end solutions that address global online wagering and play-for-fun social, casual and mobile gaming opportunities.

WMS is proactively addressing the next stage of casino gaming floor evolution with its WAGE-NET® networked gaming solution, a suite of systems technologies and applications designed to increase customers' revenue generating capabilities and operational efficiency. More information on WMS can be found at www.wms.com or visit the Company on Facebook®, Twitter® or YouTube®.

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This press release contains forward-looking statements concerning our future business performance, strategy, outlook, plans, products and liquidity. Forward-looking statements may be typically identified by such words as "may," "will," "should," "expect," "anticipate," "plan," "likely," "believe," "estimate," "project," and "intend," among others. These forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause our actual results to differ materially from the expectations expressed in the forward-looking statements. Although we believe that the expectations reflected in our forward-looking statements are reasonable, any or all of our forward-looking statements may prove to be incorrect. Consequently, no forward-looking statements may be guaranteed. We undertake no obligation to update such forward looking statements, all of which are made only as of this date, September 27, 2012. Factors that could cause our actual results to differ from expectations include (1) delay or refusal by regulators to approve our new gaming platforms, cabinet designs, game themes and related hardware and software; (2) changes in regulations or regulatory interpretations that may adversely affect existing product placements or future placements; (3) an inability to introduce in a timely manner new games and gaming machines that achieve and maintain market acceptance; (4) a decrease in the desire of casino customers to upgrade gaming machines or allot floor space to leased or participation games, resulting in reduced demand for our products; (5) a reduction in capital spending or interruption in payments by casino customers associated with business weakness or economic uncertainty that adversely affects our customers' ability to make purchases or pay; (6) a greater-than-expected demand for operating leases by customers over outright product sales or sales financing leases that shift revenue recognition from a single period to the term of such operating leases; (7) future costs to restructure our business and other charges that may be higher than currently estimated, including additional charges related to actions at a later time not presently contemplated; (8) ability to realize in full, or part, the anticipated savings and expense reductions from restructuring and lower staffing; (9) adverse affects on product development, innovation and the ability to retain and attract key personnel following the restructuring and reorganization actions taken in fiscal 2011 and 2012; (10) a reduction in play levels of our participation games by casino patrons, whether due to economic conditions or increased placements of competitive product; (11) inability of suppliers of key components to timely meet our requirements to fulfill customer orders; (12) increased pricing or promotional competitive activity that adversely affects our average selling price or product revenues; (13) a failure to obtain and maintain our gaming licenses and regulatory approvals; (14) failure of customers or players to adapt to the new technologies that we introduce in new product concepts; (15) a software anomaly or fraudulent manipulation of our gaming machines and software; (16) a failure to obtain the right to use or an inability to adapt to rapid development of new technologies; (17) an infringement claim seeking to restrict our use of material technologies; (18) risks of doing business in international markets, including political and economic instability, terrorist activity, changes in importation and repatriation regulations such as currently experienced in Argentina, and foreign currency fluctuations; and (19) the unfavorable outcome of any legal proceedings in which we may be involved from time to time. These factors and other factors that could cause actual results to differ from expectations are more fully described under "Item 1. Business", "Item 1A. Risk Factors" and "Legal Proceedings" in our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended June 30, 2012, and our more recent reports filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

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